There were young people who came up with the idea
And knocked the door to door of nearly 200 corporations,
for the Tae-an Peninsula covered with oil on December, 2007.

The idea not only for the corporations, but also for the ocean and its people
The genuine communication between corporations and young generations through the realization of ideas
The unconventional ways for genuine communication, and the linkage between the ways themselves

Though all corporations turned down the new, though unfamiliar Creative

The discovery of consumer-centered insight for the true value realization of the corporations
The beginning of interactive message, through integration of the digital and the analogue
The first movement of digital storytelling, born from the inefficiency of traditional advertising

This was the very beginning of creative realization,
which Creativia always dreams of

The Creative for the people who meet the corporations
Realization of universal values through Creative

Creative movement for the people

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